Weekend Project: Eggshell Herbs


I always love the idea of repurposing things in new ways, whether it’s taking old recipe cards and turning them into wall art or using the same ingredient in completely different applications. So that’s why this little project is just so much fun, using leftover eggshells as containers for starting seeds — the best part is that you can plant them straight in the garden, eggshell and all, when the seedlings are ready, because the eggshells are biodegradable. Talk about a win-win situation! So, the next time you’re baking a cake, try saving the shells — those eggs can help make more than one meal!

You’ll need:

Potting soil

Seeds of your choice (herbs, vegetables, whatever you like)

Empty eggshells, cracked so that the top 1/3 or so is removed

Gently wash the eggshells out (this is easiest to do right after you’ve cracked the egg — just rinse them in cool water, and you can save them from this point until you are ready to fill them). Using an ice pick or some other long sharp pointed tool, pierce the bottom of the eggshell a couple of times, to create drainage holes. Don’t worry about this step — eggshells are tougher than you think!

Fill each eggshell about 1/2 inch from the top with potting soil, then drop in a few seeds and cover with a small amount of soil (follow the directions on the seed packet for sowing and thinning). Spray the top with water to moisten it; it’s a good idea to save the egg carton to hold the eggshells in, or you can even use egg cups. Place in a location where they will get plenty of bright light, and be sure to turn the carton around every couple of days so that the seedlings can grow evenly. After a few weeks, you can plant the seeds with the eggshells directly into larger pots or your garden!

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Egg carton provided by Le Creuset (aren’t they adorable?)

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