Summer Grilling!


There’s nothing like getting outdoors to grill each summer — from meat and veggies to fruit and pizza, pretty much anything can be cooked over an open fire. You can create layers of smokiness and texture depending on whether you use direct or indirect heat, and marinades can supply amazing depth of flavor.

Grilling provides a great opportunity to think outside the box: try charring cabbage for a smoky cole slaw or give a quick grill to slices of chocolate pound cake before topping with strawberries tossed with balsamic vinegar and honey. The next time you’re shopping at the grocery store or the farmer’s market, try asking yourself with every item you pick up, “How can I grill this?”, and have some fun!

Don’t forget that cooking with a big fancy grill is not the only option — a small hibachi is both inexpensive and portable, and you can still get a good char just by using the broiler in your oven or with a grill pan on the stove top. Just remember to keep a close eye on whatever you’re cooking, whether indoors or outdoors, and be sure to take advantage of summer’s freshest ingredients.

Here are a few recipes to inspire you — enjoy!

Grilled Chimichurri Wings

Bahn-Mi Pork Burgers with Cucumbers, Carrots, and Cilantro

Buffalo Wing Burgers

Tropical Grilled Shrimp Salad

Grilled Zucchini Pizza

Ratatouille Salad with Tomato Water Vinaigrette

Tangy Spicy Butter for Corn

Grilled Cornbread with Blueberry Compote

Grilled Stone Fruit with Crème Fraîche

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