Indian Summer Tea Party


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for fall — cozy sweaters, bubbling casseroles, and apple picking are somewhere out there on the horizon. In the meantime, summer doesn’t seem to want to give up quite yet where I am, even if Labor Day is a thing of the past. So I’m hosting an Indian Summer Tea Party.

While most people think of this time of year as Back to School, I think of it as “Back to Busy”. The lazy days of summer are over — even if the weather is still warm — and all of our activities seem to be ramped up, both at work and at home. So I think it’s a good idea to take a couple of hours to relax with friends and recharge, with a few refreshing iced tea mocktails, some tasty snacks, and coloring.

Yes, I said coloring. As some of you know, I absolutely love the “adult coloring books” that are available now — and, no, they’re not X-rated, but are full of intricate floral patterns and whimsical designs. Give me a box of colored pencils and I can get totally immersed in these coloring books, which are being called a new form of meditation; it’s a great way to de-stress when we are all getting Back to Busy. So why not create a giant coloring book table cover and invite some friends over for a little fun and rejuvenation? I guarantee, they will love it — and so will you!

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