Framing my face: Where convenience meets fashion


If you had asked “seventh grade Carla” how she felt about her glasses, she would have had a hard time imagining that one day her eyewear would become her fashion trademark. Back “in the day” when materials were more expensive, and there were less choices in eyeglasses (other than what worked for utility’s sake), wearing glasses could feel, at times, like a burden. Fashion trends swept through clothing, shoes, and hair – but when it came to glasses you basically had one choice: big, bulky, and majorly uncool (I’m not talking about you, Sally Jessie Raphael). “Seventh grade Carla” would have had a hard time believing, at all, that glasses could say things like: I’m hip, cool, flirty and fun. But they do, and Transitions* lenses are a big part of that change and my ability to commit to the eyewear that I love.

Over the past decade or so, 24 out of 25 of the glasses I have owned have had Transitions lenses, which is a big reason why I am so excited to partner with them. Most of us who have had long term vision issues have tried a wide range of different options for our eyes (contact lenses, eyeglasses with bold frames, glasses with no frames, faking being able to see…lol!). We’ve finally arrived at the point where fashion choices feel pretty limitless. In fact, there are so many great frames out there that I think of eyeglasses as art on my face – the ability to extend my “look” to include my face by matching my eyewear to whatever I’m wearing or even more fun – to my mood (is it a fun day? a serious day? an eccentric day? you can usually tell just by my glasses).

As fun as it can be, fashion shouldn’t get in the way of function. Getting to the point where your eyewear works with both your lifestyle and your fashion style isn’t always easy. As co-host of ABC’s The Chew, an author and an entrepreneur with a baked goods line, once I make my decision on what glasses to wear in the morning, I don’t have time to re-think my eyewear. Transitions lenses continually adapt to changing light, bringing out the best in everything I see. Whether I’m in the studio, looking at restaurant spaces, or racing across town with my arms full of cookies to give out at meetings, I have the freedom of knowing that my eyewear is working for me in every situation.

*Disclosure: Post sponsored by Transitions Lenses. Opinions are my own

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